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About our farm; my husband grew up on this farm. It has been in our family over 40 years. Growing up my husband and his siblings worked this farm with now grandma and grandpa. They raised animals, showed at livestock shows, worked horses, cattle, and extracted honey from their own honey bees. On top of that they also worked on hay fields for other farmers. As time went on, the kids grew up and the farming came to a stop. In 2009, my husband decided to move back to the farm away from the city. He wanted to do for our children what was instilled in him. We worked on just feeding ourselves and learning the natural way of farming. In 2011, we decided to begin raising livestock show animals for our children and for other children around our area. From there, we evolved into a  full fledged farm. It took a lot of trial and error to learn how to use our farm in the most natural beneficial way. This also included learning how to utilize our farm animals to benefit our farm. Our farm animals include: boar goats, pigs, cows, rabbits, laying hens, turkeys, dairy goats and a dairy cow. We have a blackberry orchard and fruit tree orchard. Our garden is used all year round and we plant many vegetables and herbs.  

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