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Nourishing Goat Milk Lotion - Love Your Skin, Naturally

We craft exceptional goat milk soap, lotion, shave cream, and bubble bath bars, designed to elevate your skincare routine. Our products are lovingly handmade with care, using the finest ingredients for a truly nourishing and luxurious experience.


Our goat milk lotion has large amounts of protein, fat, iron, vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D, E, copper and selenium. These beneficial nutrients will gently replenish and pamper the skin. The vitamins it contains also means that goat milk has some anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce acne redness. Rich in vitamins and minerals and natural caprylic acid, this goat milk lotion is very thick, rich, and fragranced with pure essential oils.  Use this lotion and feel it moisturizing your skin instantly!

Each lotion is lightly scented with all-natural and organic scents that aren’t overpowering. Their shelf life is not indefinite. To help the lotions last longer, avoid direct sunlight or extreme heat. Best used within 6-8 weeks of opening.

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