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Our livestock work together to create this working farm. When the animals are rotated at specific times, it creates a symbiotic relationship between all the animals.


We currently have Penelope our Heritage Berkshire Pig. She provides our farm with quality meat and show stock piglets. Our kids along with others show at variety of county livestock shows. We will be adding a new mama Duroc pig in January 2019.


We have Broad Breasted Turkeys. We raise these from spring to late summer. When they leave their brooder boxes and are old enough, they are able to free range on our farm. They assist with grazing and eating insects.


We raise Californian Rabbits for livestock shows. We mainly use them to assist with our compost tea. It is then used to naturally fertilize our fields, gardens and orchards.


Our Boer Goats provide our farm with quality meat and show goats. They assist our farm by working at keeping our trees trimmed, fence line cleaned and eating any other greens our cows don't like,thus improving our quality of fields. They are free range which allows them to graze at their leisure.


We currently have a variety of laying hens to include, Rhode Island Reds, Orpingtons, and Araucanas. Our hens are free range and live in their mobile chicken coop that was custom built on our farm. They earn their keep by eating and cleaning our fields. They provide us with nutritious cage free eggs. We offer these eggs locally.


Our Black Angus Cows are free range . They provide our family and friends with high quality grass fed beef. They currently provide for our family but working on resale for fall 2019.

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